Inks and coatings

MAGENTA-VISION holds a large portfolio of ink related products compatible with most of the inkjet digital wide format printer. From UV-curable to solvent-based inks, the products are developed for indoor and outdoor applications and allow excellent results on a wide range of materials. Among others the company is offering the best UV-curable ink available on the market for rigid as well as roll-to-roll applications.

We develop high quality UV-curable and solvent based inks compatible with a wide variety of printers.We continuously focused on improving our existing products to respond to the needs of the market in terms of printing speed, increased quality, environmental concern, … .

Compatible with heads:

HP CMB X2, Hitachi gen 3/4, Konica KM1024 MNB 14PL, Konica KM512 MH 14PL, Seiko SPT-510 / 35PL, Spectra Galaxy JA 256/30 AAA, Spectra Nova JA 256/80 AAA, Spectra SE-128 AA, Spectra SL-128 AA, Spectra SM-128 AA, Vutek GS ASM, Spectra Sapphire, Spectra Star re, Spectra Polaris, Toshiba CA3/CA4, Ricoh Gen4/5, Epson DX5/DX7, XAAR 1000/1001, Kyocera.

Compatible with printers:

3M Virtu 3600, Agfa, Agfa Anapurna series, Agfa Jeti 2030 UV, Agfa Titan, Ataline UD-1806G, Ataline UD-2106G, Ataline UD-2506G, Azon AG 3200, CAT UV, Grapo Manta, Cobra 100, Cobra S100uv, Cobra S65uvColumbia, Dilli Neo Titan FB2513-06DW, Durst Rho 160R, Durst Rho 161 TS, Durst Rho 162 TS, Durst Rho 205, Durst Rho 315r, Durst Rho 320R, Durst Rho 600, Durst Rho 600 Pictor, Durst Rho 700/HS, Durst Rho 800 Presto, Durst Rhopac 160, Durst P10, P10HS, Durst Rho 500R/512R. Oce Arizona Series, Fuji Acuity series, Uvistar PRO-8, Matan Barack, Flora F1 180UV, Flora F1, EFI Jetrion series, Inca Columbia, Inca Onset series, Inca Spyder, EFI Vutek PV/QS/GS/HS series, EFI Rastek, Flora F1 320UV, GCC StellarJet 183uv, GCC StellarJet 183uvk, GCC StellarJet K100UV, GCC StellarJet K72LSUV, GCC StellarJet K72UV, Gerber Solara Ion Z, Gongzheng GZHS 3204 DS, Gongzheng GZK 3206 AS, Gong- zheng GZK 3208 AS, HP Scitex FB6xxx series, HP Scitex FB7xxx series, HP Scitex XP2xxx series, HP Scitex XP5xxx series, HP Scitex TJ 8xxx, HP Scitex FB5xx,7xx,9xx series.

  • Very broad coloristic palette that allows printing even the ‘hard’ colours
  • Small size of particles and excellent dispersion process that limits the frequent servicing of heads and prolongues their life.
  • Careful choice of raw materials results in low level of smell of the cured paint as well as a significantly lowered risk of skin irritation in case of contact.
  • Perfectly matched and controlled surface tension that protects the printing from being oversprayed or the drops of ink getting mixed in the process of printing. That results in perfect exibility and adhesion to diverse bases




  • PVC – frontlit, backlit, blockout
  • mesh
  • vinyl
  • one way vision
  • whiteback paper
  • blueback paper
  • textiles
  • floor carpets
  • wallpapers


  • PVC foam board and solid board
  • texture
  • glass
  • PMMA (plexi)
  • wood
  • dibond
  • metal



    Hybrid primer designer for coating glass, aluminium and ceramics.
    Application of this primer will ensure getting a perfect adhesion to glass, aluminium and ceramics for inks cured with UV and UV-LED rays. Additionally, the use of primer will significantly increase the printouts resistance against mechanical damages and water resistance.
    Primer for raw, uncoated wood. This primer is excellent for application with wooden bases (boards, doors made from raw wood).
    This primer is subsequently a white grounding with high opacity, which allows to omit using white ink with UV printing.
    Binary primer for laminated, coated wood (MDF, OSB, plywood).
    This binary primer ensures getting very high adhesion for UV inks.It significantly increases the printout resistance against scratching. This primer acts also as a white grounding.
    Liquid laminate for printouts protection.
    It secures the printout from negative weather conditions and mechanical damages. We offer it as gloss, matt and semi-matt.
    Unary UV Ink washer.
    Applications: washing wrongly printed glass, aluminium, ceramics, cleaning the printing table. It allows to recycle the printing base and significantly lowers the cost of production.