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Machines | Hanway - Revo-2500w-revo-2500w-pro

REVO 2500W / REVO 2500W Pro - high-speed corrugated digital inkjet printer

Model: REVO2500W and REVO2500W pro
Ink Type: Water-Based Ink
Print head: Industrial-grade Piezoelectric printhead
      Air drying / Hot Air drying - REVO2500W
      Hot Air drying - REVO2500W pro
Board Feed Methosd:
     Leading edge feeder - REVO2500W
     Leading edge feeder or Top feeder - REVO2500W pro
Print head Configuration: 
      Three rows 4/6 color mode - REVO2500W
      4 color mode: CMYK  or 6 color mode: CMYK+SPOT1+SPOT2; OR, GR for option - REVO2500W pro
      Draft Mode: 1400㎡/hr - REVO2500W
      Draft Mode:   900㎡/hr - REVO2500W pro
      Max. Width:2500mm
      Automatic loading length:2500mm
     Manual loading length:4000mm
Manual loading length:
     1.5-15mm - REVO2500W
     0.3-15mm - REVO2500W pro


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