Solvent ink – OS XAAR 128 Solvent Series

Solvent Based Inks by Magenta-Vision for XJ128 Printheads
Colour Range available in C,M,Y,K,LC and LM

Printhead Type DPI Khz (Piezo) Color XAAR approved
XJ128 200 4.25 Blue Fully Approved
XJ128+ 200 5.5 Purple Fully Approved
XJ128 360 5.5 Black Fully Approved
XJ128+ 360 8.33 Silver Fully Approved
*XJ128XL* 360 8.33 Grey Fully Approved


Performance Evaluation

Criterion Magenta-Vision Ink
Adhesion Good adhesion and compatible with a wide range of substrates, ie., Coated and uncoated PVC, cotton cloth, paper, even “glossy” vinyl
Dry Time Optimal dry time on all substrates, especially good for stickers
Colour GAMUT Wide, bright and high brilliance
Media Magenta-Vision Print Lad has tested all following media with proven performance** – Avery; Mactac; Hexis; Oracol; Woolongpoo; Starflex
Scratch Resistance Car Wash and footstep resistant
Shelf Time 12 months in recommended conditions
Resolution Formulated for highest (900dpi)
True, 6 Process Colours C, M, Y, K, LC, LM (with Magenta-Vision ICC Profile)
Printhead Life One Year Warranty***
Jetting No clogging – less than 5 nozzles lost after 1-hour’s production; easily recovered. No vacuuming needed, save ink and time!
Productivity Less breakdown of ink system; less down time; less ink and media wastage; continuous printing; faster jobs; lower overall cost

** 1 year outdoor durability
*** Subject to Magenta-Vision Warranty
*** All trademarks or trade names are property of their respective owners